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This house features a creative duplex design. There is an Ocean Side unit and a Marsh Side unit.

Combined for large family reunions, the duplex provides connected space with 8 BR / 8.5 Bath in 4000 sq ft. Kitchens and living areas are in opposite locations for separation of groups if desired. The units are connected, but offset, providing views from both units. The hallway upstairs can be opened for access between the units. The downstairs doors are simply across the stairwell landing, so the occupants would feel that they are under the same roof.

And for the recreation-minded, this property boasts horseshoes, shuffleboard, basketball, and a pool designed for water volleyball and water basketball.

Ocean Side
Marsh Side
Bedrooms4 4
Bathrooms4.5 4
Size2200 sq. feet 1800 sq.feet
Sleeps12 12
Kitchenupstairs downstairs
Master Bedroomupstairs downstairs
Game Roomdownstairs upstairs







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